Shade Guru is a small local business located in East London, Eastern Cape established since 2002 and has been operational since then.

Shade Guru offers quality custom workmanship, outstanding service and accurate attention to all details by our own manufacturing team, providing results that are satisfying to our customers, and a finished product that is sure to please.

Shade Guru specializes in creating shaded areas almost anywhere, examples of which are:, business areas, homes, car parks, schools, children’s play areas,swimming pools,decks,driveways and commercial environments – each with a very stylish and unique design. The shade sails are custom made to fit the area where it is been installed, which means that almost any shape and size can be made to suit your needs.

The shade sail offers maximum UV sun protection to family and friends when entertaining outdoors, swimming or keeping your vehicles cool and protecting them from the harsh sun rays.

Shade Guru offers a stylish, cool and safe oasis, which is ideally suited to our sunny climate and lifestyle.

Driveway sails and shade sails outside your business and home enhance the appearance, while providing shade at an affordable price, and also adding value to your property.

Shade guru is only a telephone call away, as we are a locally operated business, and pride ourselves on providing prompt, reliable and excellent AFTER SALES SERVICE, should the need arise.

Products Info

All shade sails are removable, put it up summer time and remove it winter when you need the warmth of the sun. Or leave it up every day.

Shade Sails are ideal for use in most outdoor areas: carports, decks, swimming pools, driveways, playgrounds, schools, etc.


Stainless steel cables are used inside the shade sail with stainless steel D rings,stainless steel D shackles and stainless steel turn buckles. All stainless steel is marine grade.

Shade sails can be installed to suit your budget, if you are not directly on the coast, galvanized cables, turn buckles and shackles can be used.


Treated timber gum poles,galvanized or stainless steel poles can be used. The shade sails can be attached to trees,solid walls or buildings etc



Al net UV Ultra block are the only shade net rated and approved by the Cancer Association of South Africa and are made from a unique, long life Commercial Grade fine textured knitted High Density Polyethylene fabric that:

  • Blocks and reflects more than 90% of harmful UV rays for the protection of people
  • Provides cool shade by allowing heat to flow and escape though the fabric (as the heat rises) resulting in pleasant cool shade to enjoy outdoors
  • The fabric is designed to be used in tension structures, meaning Al net Cool tone retain their stability and striking good looks
  • Breathes to reduce temperature underneath noticeably
  • Easy to use and connect to trees and other posts
  • Mildew and tear resistant
  • Colorfast
  • Long life
  • Simple to clean with a hose pipe
  • Knitted construction with double lock stitches prevents fraying or tearing

Alnet´s revolutionary cool shade concept allows heat to escape while blocking harmful UV rays.

Cooltone shade cloth allows hot air to ventilate through the net offering a cooler shade and more comfortable environment compared with solid sheet roofing material.

This product is the ideal shade solution for industrial and domestic applications such as carports, awnings, pools, patio areas, shopping centers, car yards, sporting venues, etc.


Murray Elliott

Tel: +27 83 486 5740

Email: info@shadeguru.co.za

East Coast Resort, East London, South Africa